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Magic Universal designs, manufactures and supplies professional quality illusions, props and sets made to an individual design brief.

Christian has been a professional magician for many years. At an early stage in his career he was influenced and inspired by Derek Lever a truly amazing' Man of Magic'. He encouraged Christian to perfect his magic act to a higher level, resulting in him achieving the best accolade of his career, when he won the most prestigious award in British Stage Magic - The British General Category and the overall Grand-Prix Champion of Magic in 1997 at Blackpool. He toured with the fantastic Wayne Dobson and was then contracted to the world famous Lido de Paris and the top Spanish venue, The Benidorm Palace. Since then he has toured for 16 years with Ken Dodd, a truly wonderful gentleman and a veteran of stage craft. With Ken he has appeared in massive theatres throughout. Britain including The London Palladium. His expertise in building magic 'props' and 'sets' was learned from his father who was a precision engineer. Together they built original props for Christian's act allowing him to reach the top competitive level.

In latter years he became acquainted with Yogano, a mega-star of magic invention, and the two became firm friends. Christian regarded him as his mentor and he visited his workshop and home in France where he trained under his tutor-ship in the building of Yogano's world famous levitations. Since then Yogano has allowed Christian to purchase the rights to his amazing levitations, in order to take over the responsibility of conserving the Yogano name, by continuing to build his inventions.
Christian has wide and varied expertise and has built up a unique business, constructing innovative 'props' and 'sets' for his customers, encompassing all aspects of magic, including electronics and remote-controlled effects.

About Us Products Levitations More Products Contact Us
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